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4th Of July

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As the other summer holidays 4th July, most of the time is celebrated outdoors. This federal holiday holds special significance in the lives of the Americans. The public appearances of politicians as well as celebrities can be seen on this day. Their speeches mainly include the glorious past or to appreciate national heritage and sentiments.

Families normally get together on this day to enjoy the sun while attending barbecues or picnics. They decorate their houses with red, white and blue which are the colors of American flag. Several parades are held in the morning while in the evening the people enjoy fireworks at am open arena.

'Salute to the Union' which is a salute of one gun for each states in the USA takes place at noon by the every military base.

Many people witness the grand fireworks in the New York City, Chicago, Boston, and Washington D.C. In 2009, New York City held the largest fireworks display in the country with over 22 tones pyrotechnical display. Michigan also holds the world's largest firework display over the River Detroit to celebrate the Independence Day.

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